Welcome to the Computing Centre High Performance Computing web site. You'll find documentation, information and services dedicated to the utilisation of HPC at ULB/VUB but also in the context of the Vlaams Supercomputer Centrum (see the VSC web site) and the Consortium des Equipements pour le Calcul Intensif (see the CECI web site).
ULB/VUB, VSC and CECI users have access to HPC resources hosted at the Computing Centre. The clusters available at the Computing Centre are:

Hydra is a balanced cluster, i.e. suitable for single-core, small multi-cores (SMP) and multi-nodes (MPI) jobs. ULB and VUB users can freely access the cluster provided that they have activated their account on Hydra. The cluster allows running very long jobs (several weeks).
Vega is a CECI cluster offering many cores, suitable for SMP and MPI jobs. SMP and MPI jobs can use up to 1024 cores in a single run. Compute nodes density offer 64 cores and 256GB RAM. The storage system is performant enough to host IO intensive jobs as well.


Hydra: job manager overloaded
Fri, 17 Mar 2017 11:30:01 +0200
The job manager is not responding properly to commands for the time being due to excessive jobs submitted.
We are deleting the problematic jobs from the queue. Once the operation is completed, qsub or qstat command should respond within normal time.