The WebPlot interface allows users from ULB/VUB to submit documents to be printed on paper sizes ranging from A4 up to extra wide A0 (106.7cm) with three types of support: plain paper, heavy coated paper and glossy paper.
The use of this service is limited to ULB/VUB personnel and for purposes limited to activities strictly related to these universities. Make sure to read the Printing agreement before sending a document.


The original WebPlot interface was developed by Michel Jansens.

This new interface was developed by Raphael Leplae and Jean-Sebastien Stoffen with the contribution of Michel Jansens.

Raphael Leplae
Email: raphael.leplae at ulb
Phone: +32 (0)2 650 3727
Jean-Sebastien Stoffen
Email: jstoffen at ulb
Phone: +32 (0)2 650 3785
Michel Jansens
Email: mjansens at ulb
Phone: +32 (0)2 650 3732


Please use the operator at ulb/operator at vub email address to contact directly the operators for specific questions.
Use the Ask assistance tool to report problems or to post questions about specific print requests.

Jean-Sebastien Stoffen
Phone: +32 (0)2 650 3785

Former operators

Marc Van Impe
Luc Roels